2018 House Concert Tour

I'm launching my 2018  house concert tour at the beginning of December, and I'm so excited about sharing some new songs some lovely people! I'm still looking for hosts so it would be great to hear from you if you'd like to become a host.

If you're slightly intrigued but not sure what a house concert is, I've found a handy Youtube video that explains it all. See the video below. 

Other Concerts..

If you'd like to invite me to do a concert for your spiritual group, meditation centre, or at your favourite gathering, please get in touch with me using the contacts page!

Would You Like To Host My Next House Concert?

Just drop me a quick email from the 'Contacts' page and I'll send you my house concert guide! Don't worry if it all seems a bit daunting at first. Just get in touch and we'll organise it together! 

A house concert is such a beautiful way to enjoy live music. You and your friends will love it!