60 Minutes of sublime optimism, hope and inspiration!

Music is an extremely powerful form of healing, one that brings an indescribable depth of peace and understanding to the heart and soul. When we feel hopeless, music soothes us and reminds us to keep dreaming of better times. As songwriters and musicians, music gives us a way to express the most profound and elevated forms of love and consciousness we are able to find ways to describe. 

For this show, I’ve put together some of the most beautiful songs from recent decades, which I believe express some of the most inspiring and uplifting perspectives on the world and our place within it. 

In this 60-minute show, I’ll explore these beautifully crafted songs and their ability to give expression to the most sacred and hopeful yearnings within the human collective, relishing the music and lyrics of great songwriters and singers whose work serves to demonstrate our deep desire, over several decades of popular music, to live in peace, joy, freedom and love, in this wonderful world we are so blessed to share. 

Spend an inspirational hour listening to some of my favourite songs about love, hope and personal and planetary transformation. 

This show is ideal for retreats, spiritual centres and new-thought churches. It works beautifully in these settings, as the songs are all hand-picked for their spiritual and philosophical themes. 

A high-vibe treat for all music lovers, spiritual seekers and change-makers! 

This show can also be booked for a house concert.