So, What is a House Concert?


A house concert is a way for artists to share their music in a small, intimate setting and for audiences to connect more easily with the music and the person performing it.  


I love sharing my favourite songs and stories with my house concert audiences, and these experiences of sharing and connecting through music are an absolute joy for me as a singer and a songwriter. 

If you're curious about house concerts, but are not sure exactly how they work or how to get involved in organising one, here's a handy Youtube video that explains it all.

If you'd like me to perform at your favourite spiritual group, meditation centre, holistic retreat, church or festival instead, just send me a message via the contacts page and we'll talk it through. All you need is a regular sized living room, some friends and a few chairs or cushions! 


I first met Diane at a House Concert and was totally blown away by the whole evening. Diane has the most wonderful voice and beautiful personality. I was totally “in the zone” for an hour as she played and sang. It was without hesitation that I then suggested to my Meditation group that we book her for our Christmas gathering to play and sing for us. The evening was wonderful and all the group (x20) absolutely loved her and her music. Diane has the most lovely energy and personality. She is so easy to talk to and her voice is divine! The songs are brilliant and she also sang a couple of covers which were equally fantastic. Please don’t hesitate to book her – Diane has the voice of an Angel.”

— Angela Gomes, House Concert Host

Diane Hall's music is magical, meditative and soulful. Time spent listening to her readings, meditation and music are a taste of the heavenly realms, a gift of the spirit and a time of being in complete oneness with all. As a treat to yourself, I recommend putting it on your FAVORITES list.”

— Stephanie Scott

This song 'Space' gives breath to the deeply soulful voice of Diane Hall. A great theme as well, sometimes we all love being in that perfect moment in time and space, alone and at peace. The minimalistic accompaniment provides a perfect setting to create the space, I would have thought it would be Diane playing the piano as I know she can. The future holds a lot for her, I personally look forward to hearing Diane in a wider range of situations and settings, but for now enjoy listening to her in her quiet space.”

David Jean-Baptiste