So, What is a House Concert?

A house concert is a way for artists to share their music in a small, intimate setting and for audiences to connect more easily with the music and the person performing it.   

I love performing my favourite songs for my house concert audiences. These experiences of connecting through music in a small, intimate venue are an absolute joy for me as singer and a songwriter. 

But a house concert doesn't have to take place in a house! Let's explore some other spaces and make a few happenings happen! :)

A house concert doesn't have to happen in a house!

It can happen in any space that's filled with friends!

As a spiritual teacher, I love sharing my experiences of either channelling these songs, writing them with the help of my guides, or writing them as musical affirmations and healing moments, to create transformation for myself and others. 

Music is another tool I love to use in my capacity as a teacher and healing facilitator. I love being in a room full of kindred spirits, swimming in music and divine love. 

If you're curious about house concerts, but are not sure exactly how they work or how to get involved in organising one, here's a handy Youtube video that explains it all.

All you need is a regular sized living room, some friends and a few chairs or cushions!