Easy Listening for Restaurants & Hotels

Songs for Music Lovers

What to Expect

Some of the most beautiful songs made famous by Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, etc, plus a huge repertoire of soulful pop and easy-listening songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. 

Why Book Diane? 

If you enjoy the songs made famous by Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Carpenters, Carole King and other great singers and songwriters of the 20th century, you'll love this relaxing soulful offering. 

Give your ears a break from the thump thump thump and give your heart a treat! 

Relaxing, soothing high quality music like mama used to play on the stereo  

Backed by lush orchestral arrangements on quality backing tracks, I'll recreate the golden era of silk, satin, chiffon and swing.

Plus the magical, soulful easy-listening moments that were created by the voices and songs of Sade, Aretha franklin, Norah Jones and Rumer. 

How to Book

Send a message using the Contacts page with details of your  restaurant, bar, hotel or event.